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Lowertown Ninety-Nine Straight Bourbon Whiskey is crafted with ingenuity and hard work, in a neighborhood known for it. Welcome to Lowertown.

Lowertown Ninety-Nine Bourbon

Proof 99

Size 750ml

Price $36

In Lowertown, tireless craftsmen and creative innovators combine forces to create a community built on commitment and ingenuity. We’re brought together by passion and craft, and when the hard work is done, it’s the bourbon that binds us.

Drink! And live among the good.

Lowertown Ninety-Nine is the first release in the Lowertown Bourbon Series and was created to provide whiskey lovers with a bourbon that is beautifully balanced, and perfect for everyday sipping or inspired mixing.

Hand selected high rye bourbon barrels are blended for complexity and smoothness and then rested in zinfandel barrels.

Tasting Notes
rye richness and spice / notes of fruit enhanced by wine barrels / subtle sweetnes



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